Eat like a foodie when you travel

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The Art of Being Fabulous

julaymba-restaurant-queensland-australia Julaymba Restaurant, Queensland Australia

People ask me for suggestions on how I discover the best places to eat when I travel. I like looking for hidden gems in new cities, and I have some tips for you to get a delicious food experience during your next trip.

Planning ahead

Food bloggers

One of the first things I do is check online for food bloggers where I’ll be visiting to see what they recommend. Some of the things I look for on their blog:

  • Tried and true restaurants that people recognize for their consistent and delicious meals.
  • Where the hot spots are, or if there are any new restaurant openings.
  • I’ll also ask for specific recommendations in the comment section.

Instagram and Twitter

Instagram and Twitter are great places to see what’s trending and even to ask questions. Search city names and see who the top accounts are in the city…

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